whippet coat with reflective waterproof shell and high visibility strips for safety
lightweight whippet coats. hi-vis yellow with reflective and thin mesh lining
sighthound coats made in the uk. High visibility waterproof and warm or cool versions available
Reflective whippet coat in the woods. Joey with his ears up looking for squirrels
reflective whippet jacket. made in the uk from high quality materials
high visibility whippet coat with reflective strips
A trendy whippet in his reflective coat ready for a walk in the woods
whippet raincoat with hood - high visibility and reflective
waterproof whippet coat with high vis waterproof shell and fleece or mesh lining
hi viz whippet coat jacket with hood and yellow high viz waterproof material
what is the best whippet coat for use in the dark?
Reflective Whippet Coats. High Visibility.

Reflective Whippet Coats. High Visibility.

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Whippets feel the cold more than most. 

From the city dog to the whippet in the country, your pet could benefit from the extra safety provided by a Reflective Whippet Coat. 

  • Be safe - Be seen! High-visibility yellow shell
  • Super warm sherpa fleece lining or thin summer mesh for cooler weather. You choose the perfect options for you
  • Reflective Strips on rear leg area and reflective belt-detailing for safety
  • Perfect winter coat - warm, dry, be seen at night!
  • Thin mesh lining option is perfect for warmer summer weather where visibility is still paramount
  • Designed specifically to the the shape of a whippet's curved back
  • Allows dog to move easily with contoured design
  • Hard wearing, tough construction
  • Clip Fastener as some dogs really do hate that dreaded Velcro noise!
  • Easy to wash. Wipe down or machine washable for ease
  • Hand made to your order on our farm in Anglesey UK. 

The Reflective Whippet Coat is a coat often chosen for its high visibility properties and is generally used when it is dark outside although they do look stylish anytime of the day. Protect your dog not only from the elements but also add that extra peace of mind that comes from knowing your dog is a lot more visible to passing traffic. Joey, our whippet and star model who you can see in these pictures loves his reflective jacket. Fastening the coat is simplicity itself, just slip the coat over the head and fasten with the side-release clip on the adjustable waste band for a snug fit. 

TOP TIP: If you sometimes let your whippet off the lead for a quick run in a local field or park when it is dark out then take a torch with you and anytime you want to find your dog raise the torch to eye level and look around. The reflective on this coat will instantly light up showing you exactly where he is. 

Choice of either a super warm acrylic fleece option for those colder nights or a thin black mesh lining which is ideal for warmer rainy nights in the summer months for example. 


This dog coat comes with a warm acrylic fleece lining (see above) or a thin mesh lining, now in black (see below).   

summer whippet coat lining

 black mesh-lined summer whippet coats