Woodland camo sighthoumd rain walking out coat
By the river - Joey the whippet in his waterproof camouflage whippet coat with head down
Joey loving his whippet coat. Fleece lined and waterproof whippet coats uk
UK manufactured camouflage whippet coat. Whippet in a field
waterproof whippet coats made with camouflage outer shell and warm lining
Side view of Joey wearing a camouflage whippet dog coat
Whippet leaping and jumping wearing a DryDogs whippet coat
Whippet being silly wearing a camouflage whippet coat doing the splits
Whippet in a coat walking through a river in the undergrowth
Camouflage whippet dog coat from the side. Weather resistant whippet coats for all weathers

21-24'' Camouflage Whippet Coats (3601)

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This coat is on the clearance page as we are using an end of roll fleece.

An attractive woodland camo, fleece lined, water-resistant whippet rain coat

Our Camouflage Whippet coats are made with a water-resistant woodland camo outer shell and lined with a dark acrylic fleece for warmth. Perfect for outdoor pursuits, this stylish and functional whippet coat makes an attractive alternative to the average whippet rain coat. 

  • Woodland Camouflage water-resistant outer shell keeps your whippet dry
  • Perfectly shaped to fit the contours of a whippets curved back 
  • Adjustable clip-release fasteners on the waist for comfort
  • Slips over the head for ease - sewn chest
  • Lined with a dark, warm brown acrylic fleece
  • Machine Washable (do not tumble dry)