DryDogs.co.uk Postal Gift Certificate

DryDogs.co.uk Postal Gift Certificate

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Why not share the love?

By popular demand, finally we are now able to sell gift certificates. 

These cards can be sent to you or to somebody else as a gift, directly from us. 

Gift certificates make ideal gifts; they allow the recipient to choose their own product from our large catalogue of products. Easy redeemable, its just like giving cash only more personal. You can't really go wrong when the choice of the gift is left up to the receiver. They can save the embarrassment of giving the wrong present, or getting an incorrect size. 


TO: Enter the name to appear in the TO field on the certificate. It can be left blank if you prefer (for example, you are sending the card to yourself to hand out in person)

FROM: Enter the name of the recipient to appear in the FROM field on the certificate. Again this can be left blank if you prefer (for example, you are sending the card to yourself to hand out in person). 

RECIPIENTS ADDRESS: This is optional. If you want us to send it to somebody on your behalf, enter their address here. Please note this must be a UK address only. Leave this field blank if you would prefer we send the card to you. 

PERSONAL MESSAGE: Optional. We will be happy to print a personal message on the outer envelope for you. For example: "Happy Christmas! We hope you have a lovely time and wish you all the best in the new year :)". Again, you can leave this field blank if you prefer not to include a personal message. 

More Information

Each gift certificate comes with a full two years expiry date from the date of purchase, and are easily redeemable by simply entering the unique code at checkout. This will be displayed on the certificate. 

Items redeemed on a gift certificate can only be exchanged for a coat of similar cost. Refunds will only be issued against a gift certificate by way of another gift certificate. You cannot exchange a gift certificate for cash.