Customisable whippet coat with choice of fleece linings and harness hole. Saluki
The Trendy Whippet Dog Coat. Perfect for winter weather. Design you own. With harness hole
Our best selling waterproof whippet coat with harness hole option.
whippet coat with hole for harness to attach. Navy blue with polar fleece lining
whippets on the beach wearing waterproof winter coats. such trendy whippets
Red waterproof whippet coat with harness hole. Custom fit, design your own coat.
fleece lined waterproof whippet coat in red with high-collar and velcro
best whippet coats for winter weather. Black with cream tartan/check collar
Winter whippet coat. Waterproof. Choice of colours and fleece linings. with or without harness hole
greyhound coat new 2021 black and white fleece lining

Greyhound High-Collar Raincoat Fleece Lined - Made to Measure (Harness Hole optional)

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Greyhound/Lurcher/Saluki coat with harness hole option.

    • Does your sighthound get cold easily and find walks uncomfortable?
    • Does you dog need protection from the rain and wind?
    • Fed up of ill-fitting generic dog coats?
    • Want a custom made coat to your own specifications?
    • Do you want something hand made and designed specifically for a greyhound shaped sighthound?
    • How about a low-maintenance, easy to clean, machine washable water-resistant greyhound coat coat?
    • Do you need a coat with extra endurance?
    • Would you like a coat with extra neck protection?

Then this is the coat for you...

These made-to-order raincoats come in 5 colours and are cut to fit the shape of your greyhound or lurcher. They are made with a 7oz showerproof polyester ( THIS IS NOT THIN RIPSTOP ) and lined with a warm polar fleece in a colour of your choice. . A quality, hand-made to measure, sighthound coat. 

The polar fleece collar can be worn up for extra warmth and protection from the elements, or down for that sleek look. 

Wash in a machine without detergent at 30.

These water resistant greyhound raincoats make the perfect walking out coat when the weather turns nasty. Showerproof, windproof, warm and snug. This is an ideal everyday winter/cold-weather whippet jacket. 

This coat is put on by sliding the neck opening over the greyhound's head, then wrapping the adjustable belt around the waist and fastening with Velcro. 

Polar Fleece lined, High-Collar Greyhound/lurcher Coat Highlights

  • A practical greyhound coat that is ideal for winter with polar fleece lining
  • Tailored to fit the shaped back of a sighthound for a great fit
  • Made to your own measurements! Tailored to fit your individual dog
  • HARNESS HOLE put exactly where you need it! You tell us, we will do it for you
  • Choice of colours in water resistant outer shell
  • High Collar (adjustable) for extra protection from the elements. Wear it up or down
  • Extra-thick water resistant shell. This is a 7oz material not the 4oz of most coats
  • Slip over the head and fasten round the greyhound's waist with a Velcro strap fastener
  • Water resistant
  • Windproof
  • Lined with a super warm polar fleece. Ideal for colder weather
  • Machine washable 30deg

We also do a similar coat to this with a cotton lining for warmer weather.. here

Colours available: 

These are grouped in rows. For example:

Top row: Black with Black/White-check fleece or Black with plain Black Fleece, 
2nd row: Red with Red-Tartan fleece or with plain red fleece.

Made to measure greyhound coats with fleece lining and harness hole
tartan dog coat linings

This is a custom, hand-made garment made just for you to your specifications.

This is why we must insist you provide all measurements when placing your order. We do NOT accept returns on this item if you measure your dog incorrectly. Returns are only accepted if there is a fault with the product or the wrong size/colour is sent. 

When customising your item you will need to press the ADD TO CART button after entering your measurements rather than the BUY IT NOW. This ensures all your measurements are correctly logged in our system. 

Please allow a few days extra for delivery in the winter months when we get busy. This isn't an off-the-shelf greyhound/whippet fleece... it is a hand made item. Please read the guide below on how to correctly measure your dog and to avoid disappointment. 

Guide to measuring your dog: 

To place an order for this product we require the following three measurements:

  1. BACK LENGTH (IN): With your dog standing measure from the nape of the neck along the spine to the tail. This is the size you will order and is how the price is calculated. The coat will be made to this length so if you desire any extra tail-coverage, add it now. See circle 1 in the diagram above.
  2. CHEST (IN): For the chest size, measure from the spine in the centre of the back, down one side to the bottom of the deepest part of the chest (circle 2 on the diagram above)
  3. NECK (IN): Measure around the dogs neck at about mid-point, we will add inches to allow it to fit. Add an extra inch or two for an extra loose fit.
  4. HARNESS HOLE (IN): This is an important measurement. Put your dogs harness on. Using a cloth tape, measure from the nape of the neck (where you took measurement 1 from) along the back to the position that the lead attaches to the harness. This is the measurement to enter into the box above - leave blank if you don't require a hole for a harness. We will not refund or exchange if you measure this incorrectly or forget to include it. Take all measurements in inches to avoid confusion. 

These are the four measurements we need from you in order to make sure your coat is the perfect fit. Enter in the boxes above the add to card button at the top of the page. 

Further Measurements

These are examples of the standard sizes. You will select your own when ordering. 

26 inches- 66cm Back length/Chest size one side only 13 inches- 33cm / neck 19 inches- 48 Cm / belt 32 inches- 81cm

27 inches- 69 Cm Back length/chest size one side only 14 inches- 36 Cm / neck 19 inches- 48 Cm / belt 32 inches- 81 Cm

28 inches- 71 Cm Back length/Chest size one side only 14 inches- 36cm / neck 19 inches- 48 Cm / belt 32 inches- 81 Cm

29 inches- 73 Cm Back length/chest size one side only 14.5 inches- 37 Cm / neck 21 inches- 53 Cm / belt 33 inches- 84 Cm

30 inches- 76 Cm Back length/chest size one side only 15 inches- 38 Cm / neck 22 inches- 56 Cm / belt 34 inches- 86 Cm

31 inches- 79 Cm Back length/ chest size One side only 15.5 inches- 39 Cm / neck 22 inches- 56 Cm / belt 35 inches- 89 Cm

32 inches- 81 Cm Back length/chest size one side only 15.5 inches- 39 Cm / neck 22 inches- 56 Cm / belt 35 inches- 89 Cm

33 inches- 84 Cm Back length/chest size one side only 16 inches- 41 Cm / neck 22 inches - 56 Cm / belt 35 inches - 89 Cm

34 inches - 86 Cm Back length/chest size one side only 16 inches- 41 Cm / neck 22 inches- 56 Cm / belt 35 inches - 89 Cm.