What to consider when choosing a dog coat for your pet. Which dog coat is best?

"Why am I all wet mummy?"

Does my dog need a coat, which dog coat is best?

Hi everyone,

There's so many different dog coats available to buy its hard to know which are the best suited for your dogs, and it is easy to see why some people become confused. So we decided to write this blog highlighting some FACTS regarding your dog and when they should wear a coat.

The first thing I want to point out is a dog coat has a use and is important in the well-being and health of your dog. FACT.

Yes... your little fur babies may look adorable in a little pretty TuTu or a little doggy shirt and tie but this fancy dress will do nothing for the well-being of the dog and a more practical waterproof dog coat should be considered instead.  FACT.

Do all dogs need a coat? No they don't, some breeds of dogs are bred to live in the cold and therefore they have thick fur and a good layer of fat to keep them warm. FACT.

Which dogs need coats? Small dogs have trouble retaining body heat so will be appreciative of a nice practical dog coat during the winter months. Short haired breeds of dogs lack the fur and therefore the ability to retain warmth of fluffier dogs, and therefore will benefit from a warm, practical dog coat during the colder weather. Sight hounds (for example greyhounds, whippets and Italian greyhounds): these dogs are bred for speed therefore have bodies like athletes with very little body fat and tend to have short-haired coats, all these factors combined make sighthounds very vulnerable to cold weather and their need for a practical, warm dog coat very important to their well-being. FACT.

How cold does it have to be? The temperature outside is an important factor in deciding if your dog needs a coat. A good simple rule to remember is, 'Do you need a long sleeve top?' if the answer is yes then your dog,( if they fall into the need a coat category, mentioned above), will need extra warmth too.FACT

So many times I've been on a walk with my dogs and seen families wrapped up with layers of clothing, a waterproof coat, hat, gloves and scarf and their dog is exactly the same as a hot summers day. FACT

And, of course, it's not all about the cold... rain is also a factor that needs considering when choosing a coat that is practical for your best friend. Imagine the scenario... It's late at night and nearly time for bed... Little Joey is looking at you expectantly and you suddenly realise it's time for late night walkies. However, outside the weather is miserable and the rain has started to fall. You put on your coat and head outside for a quick walk around the block. Upon return you take of your soggy wet coat and hang it up so it will be dry in the morning.. But unfortunately poor Joey doesn't have that luxury. His fur his wet and will take several hours to dry just like your coat. So while you're tucked up cosy, dry and warm in bed.. Joey is in his bed wet and uncomfortable. This is why a practical waterproof dog coat should always be a part your dogs wardrobe. FACT

Can one type of coat suit all dogs? The simple answer to this is no! All types of dogs have different shaped bodies and therefore need different shaped coats. Just like us humans! FACT

Do you live in an urban area where extra safety for you dog is a priority.. Selecting a dog coat with reflective strips and high-visibility colours improves not only your dogs safety but also your own. In a rural area having a reflective dog coat can help you keep track of your furry friends - just shine a torch and they will light up! FACT. 

Sight hounds are known for their deep chest, low back ends and very slender waists, therefore they need  specially designed coats to fit them well. Luckily you've come to just the right place! Here at DryDogs.co.uk we have specialised in manufacturing coats for greyhounds and whippets that are practical, water resistant and warm for over 20 years. FACT

A dog may seem a little apprehensive or nervous when you first put a coat on him/her but after a few times they come to love them and they will soon know it's 'walkies' time when you reach for the jacket... just like they do when you reach for the lead. FACT. 


 Feel free to browse our selection of practical warm waterproof dog coats. 



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