vetra sighthound coat in black red blue green
drydogs vetra sighthound coat red
super warm sighthound coat with harness hole zip
green vetra drydogs whippet coat harness hole
best winter whippet coat blue vetra drydogs
best whippet coat for use with harness
red vetra greyhound coat for winter from drydogs
winter greyhound coat with harness hole zip
lurcher coat with harness hole for winter with zip
joey the whippet in DryDogs Vetra Sighthound Coat
drydogs whippet coat with harness hole zip
Walking in the woods - whippet wearing coat
zip close/open harness hole. Waterproof whippet / greyhound coat
waterproof zip covering whippet coat harness hole

Vetra - Warm Sighthound Coat with Zip Harness Hole

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Vetra Greyhound/Whippet Coat. Warm, Waterproof with Velcro Chest and Strap Adjustment & Zip-Opening Harness Hole. 

Keep your dog warm, dry, and comfortable in a Vetra's waterproof Sighthound Coat.  This coat provides a good fit and looks great outdoors. Make every outdoor adventure worry-free and enjoyable with Vetra!

This coat has a chest that opens with the use of Velcro. It is especially suited to sighthounds that do not like to put their head through a coat that has a sewn/fixed neck. Super easy to put on and take off - see the video in the product images. 

This coat is waterproof and super warm for those cold days. 

There is a turn-back collar for extra protection. 

Measure along your sighthounds back, from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Compare this measurement (in inches), to the sizes in the selection box to get the correct fit. 

The harness hole in this coat has a zip opening. It is therefor suitable to dogs that do and don't wear a harness. 

Designed for use with our DryDogs Escape Proof Harness. The coat fits nicely over the top. 

waterproof zip harness hole in whippet greyhound coat

Harness hole zip so it can be worn by dogs that do and don't wear a harness.
warm whippet coat with zip harness hole

waterproof greyhound coat with zip harness hole opening