Pack of 10 Dog Toys (Pack 1)

Pack of 10 Dog Toys (Pack 1)

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Pack of Ten Dog/Puppy toys

This pack contains 10 various dog toys.

Most dogs enjoy playing with toys and they are great way to alleviate boredom, gain affection, help with training and increase IQ.

Teething puppies like to chew to help alleviate teething pain and it it also helps keep their new teeth nice and clean. These cotton rope toys are perfect for your pup to chew on and prevents unwanted chewing on furniture etc.

The toys are made of 100% cotton which is safe for your dog and is also very durable.

The rope toys can be machine washed which helps prolong the amount of time your dog has them for.

Ten toys can keep even the most excitable puppy/dog entertained for long periods of time.

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This pack contains:

Tug of war toy (20cm)

Cotton rope toys x4 (12-18cm)

Rubber ball with bell inside (6cm)

Rubber toy (9cm)

Tennis ball on rope (30cm length rope)

Rope ball on rope (30cm length rope)

Rope Ball (9cm)