drydogs multifunction dog leash with bungee and car seat clip
quick-connect dog lead with car seat belt adaptor built in
dog car seat belt connection with bungee - border terrier
how to attach my dog to a car seat belt
padded handle dog lead with reflective safety detailing
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DryDogs 6-in-1 Multifunction Dog Lead with Bungee

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6-in-1 Multifunctional Dog Lead with Anti-jar Bungee, Reflective Stitching and Quick Connect Trigger Hook

The DryDogs 6-in-1 Multifunction Dog Lead with Bungee is a revolutionary product for dog owners. It is a fabulous lead with 6 functions and many features, eliminating the need to swap leads or clips. It features a sturdy carabiner clip, close control handle, car seat belt clip, reflective strips and bungee to keep dogs secure. Its easy clip attaches to lead or harness and the lead can also wrap around your waist.  One multifunctional lead is all you need!


  • Shortest length- 54''
  • Longest length- 72''
  • Additionally the bungee section  will extend by 7'' when stretched.


Close Control 2nd Handle- when you need that extra control.

dog leash with close control handle

Padded handle for comfort that is adjustable in size. The handle opens by means of a clip so that the lead handle can be attached to various tie-up points, or even around the waist. 

Lead handle opens

Can be fastened around the waste

Bungee Section in the centre of the lead acts as a shock absorber for dogs that tend to pull or lunge. 

Dog lead with bungee section

This new quick connect trigger hook allows for an easy connection to your dog's collar or harness. 

Quick connect trigger hook dog leash

This lead has a built in car seat belt adaptor. With a simple press of a button, the 6-in-1 lead converts into a car seat belt adaptor, keeping your dog safer when travelling in a vehicle. 

Dog lead containing car seat belt adaptor clip

Dog car seat belt adaptor section

dog seat belt adaptor lead

Reflective detailing improves safety at night or in the early mornings. 

Lead with reflective detailing for safety

Karabiner utility hook useful for holding car keys or poo bags etc. 

karabiner utility hood for poo bags/keys etc