Summer whippet coats all colours. Trendy whippets on display. Sighthound dog coats
whippet rain mac. perfect as a summer whippet coat
summer whippet coat. lightweight black whippet coat with reflective option for safety
Whippet by the sea wearing a lightweight whippet rain coat
black summer whippet coat with reflective safety strip by Kellings Dog Coats
royal blue whippet rain mac made in the uk to order by Kellings Dog Coats
Red summer whippet coat. waterproof windproof
Waterproof, lightweight, trendy whippet.
purple whippet coat with lightweight lining. the best summer whippet coat
the trendy whippet joey on the beach wearing lightweight dog coat
red whippet summer jacket with reflective strips
sighthound coat for summer warm weather. lightweight black whippet coat
harley and joey on the beach in summer wearing doggy rain jackets
Bedlington terrier coat - Audrey

Lightweight/Summer Whippet Coats

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Waterproof Whippet Coats, Ideal for Summer. 

  • Finding other whippet coats too warm?

  • Does you dog need rain protection in the summer?

  • Fed up of ill-fitting generic dog coats?

  • Do you want something hand made and designed specifically for a whippet?

  • How about a low-maintenance, easy to clean, machine washable lightweight water-resistant whippet coat?

  • Do you want to make sure your dog has all the necessary protection at night?

  • Do you have a specific colour in mind?

Then this lightweight version of our winter range of fleece lined whippet coats could be the answer. 

Having manufactured these whippet coats for over two decades now, the winter version of this jacket has proven itself to be our best selling whippet coat over all the platforms we sell on. We have often been asked by our customers to design a lightweight whippet coat that would be suitable on days when it is warmer outside but still wet. Here it is! A light weight, rain proof, wind proof summer dog coat with reflective options for safety at night time. 

These water resistant whippet rain macs make the perfect walking out coat when you get caught out in a summer shower. They are lined with a mesh fabric that makes the whole whippet coat very thin and lightweight. 

summer whippet coat lightweight mesh lining black

Mesh Lining makes for a super lightweight coat (above). Please note: it is now BLACK in colour - some other the pictures show beige but they are now made using this black mesh.

When we make these coats they are manufactured in two halves and then sewn together. This allows us to create a coat that is specifically tailored to fit the shape of a whippets back more effectively. 

This coat is put on by sliding the neck opening over the whippets head, then wrapping the adjustable belt around the waist and fastening with the clip release fastener. This coat doesn't use Velcro fastenings. 

If safety is a key factory then consider choosing the reflective option when selecting your coat options at checkout. 

Summer Whippet Coat Highlights

  • A practical whippet coat that is ideal for summer
  • Tailored to fit the shaped back of a whippet for a great fit
  • Choice of colours in water resistant outer shell
  • Reflective Strips as an option for safety at night
  • Slip over the head and fasten round the whippets waist with a clip release buckle (no Velcro)
  • Machine washable (do not tumble dry)

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Models in this listing:
Joey the Whippet
Audrey the Bedlington Terrier