flashing pet tag. several colours, attach to dogs collar or harness
orange safety light / pet tag on our orange escape proof harness
dog safety light up tag.
Clear white flashing pet safety tag for dogs

Flashing Light Pet Tags

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Flashing Pet Tags

Stay safe and worry-free with our Flashing Light Pet Tags! Perfect for keeping your furry friends safe outdoors during the darker days, these tags provide you with the peace of mind knowing that they're always visible and protected. Let your dogs explore the outdoors and enjoy the freedom they deserve with these bright, flashing pet tags!

Clip to the dogs collar or harness at night and never lose your dog in the dark again. Press for slow-flash, quick-flash, permanently-on, and off. 

New colours now available. See the product videos for more details (including how the multi-colour pet tag works). 

Powered by a replaceable CR2032 battery

Ordering outside of the UK: 

Please note this product cannot be sent outside of the UK without first removing the battery due to Customs. If you do order from outside the UK, we will remove the battery before dispatch and you will need to supply your own CR2032.