sighthound base layer extra warm dog coat.
extra warmth for your dog. Slip on under a dogs winter coat as an extra layer
sighthound base layer extra warm dog coat.
Bella the whippet wearing navy base layer for sighthounds with underbelly and snood neck
underbelly protection, fits perfectly underneath your existing sighthound coat for extra warmth
whippet jumpet base layer in green
lurcher base layer extra warm dog coat.
Domino the brindle whippet wearing the sighthound thin base-layer jumper in green
Asleep in his bed. Domino asleep in his whippet base-layer on his fluffy fleece blanket

Fleece Sighthound Base-Layer with Underbelly and Snood

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Italian Greyhound / Whippet / Greyhound Fleece Base-Layer 


  • Thin Fleece keeps your sighthound warm around the house
  • Slip over the dogs head, then slip the 2 front legs through - easy to put on
  • Built in underbelly section for extra warmth.
  • Built in Snood to keep you sighthounds neck warm
  • Hole in snood to allow a lead to be attached to your dogs collar
  • Choice of colours

Perfect for cold winter evenings around the house. 

Even better as an extra layer underneath a waterproof coat on extra cold walks. Convert existing coat into an underbelly coat with snood! 

These base-layer sighthound fleeces are super thin, designed to hug the dog for warmth and not take up much room under your existing waterproof coat. 

Bella the whippet wearing our sighthound collar

Models Used
Echo - whippet
Bella - whippet
Domino - brindle whippet