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Martingale Collars - Soft with Brass Fittings
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Martingale Collars - Soft with Brass Fittings

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Full Martingale Collar with Brass Furniture 

We have had many messages asking us to increase our martingale collar range so we have listened and I hope you like the colours we have chosen!

Martingale collars have been designed especially for sighthound breeds, because their small heads and thin necks make it easier for them to wriggle and back out of other collars.

The Martingale collar is specially designed so that when your dog pulls it gently tightens around your dog's neck without causing any choking or discomfort to the dog to discourage pulling. The collar is designed to tighten to a certain point and then will not tighten anymore to prevent any discomfort.

Our Martingale collars are made from a lovely soft material which is gentle on your sighthounds delicate skin.

These collars are great for dogs which are training to walk on a lead.

Martingale Whippet Collars

Martingale Collar Features:

  • Full Martingale
  • Attractive looking collar
  • Soft material for your dogs thin neck and delicate skin
  • 6 lovely colours available
  • Brass fittings and D-ring
  • Three sizes available to suit all breeds of sighthounds from tiny Italian greyhounds, to large greyhounds and lurchers.
  • Specifically designed to prevent injury to the throat
  • Only tightens when your dog strains against the lead
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Wide collar to distribute the load on your dog's thin neck

Greyhound Martingale Collar

How to measure and fit a Martingale collar

Measure around the largest part of your dog's head, to make sure the collar will be able to slip over your dog's head and ears.
Next measure the middle of the neck - this is where the collar will sit.
The size of the collar you need will be the size that allows for both of these measurements. Please check the table below before ordering, if you need any help please call us.
To fit the collar, loosen it so that it can easily fit over your dog's head, once over the head tighten the strap so it is secure but comfortable, you should be able to place two fingers between the dog's neck and the collar.
Your martingale collar will have two loops. The control loop has the D- ring attached the other loop is the adjustable part and this is the loop that you put over your dogs head,

To Fit Guide
Small 1 inch

7-10 inches

18-26 cm

Medium 1.5 inch

10-14 inches


Extra Wide Medium 2 inch

10-14 inches

26-36 cm

Large 2 inch

14-18 inches


General Breed Guide

SMALL: Sighthound puppy, Italian greyhound
MEDIUM: Whippets, Bedlingtons
LARGE: Greyhound, Large lurchers, Saluki, Borzoi

Now In Stock!

We now stock a range of matching leads by popular demand. Click here to view

Podenco wearing martingale collar and lead matching set

More Information:

For more detailed information please see our Ultimate Guide to Martingale collars article.