pet paw washer. Portable and easy to clean
corgi using the portable paw washer. Lightweight and portable
keep your dogs paws in tip top condition. no more muddy car seats, sofas or carpets
fill with cleansing fluid and insert your dogs paw into the device.
golden retriever having his feet washed in our pet paw washing portable gadget
easily remove mud and bacteria from your dogs paws in the most convenient way.
dog paw washer - mess, easy to clean afterwards

Pet Paw Washer

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Pet paw washer will clean many nasties from your dogs feet, leaving them clean and smelling fresh. No more muddy carpets or car seats.
Gentle insert the dogs paw and rotate to clean after filling it with water or cleansing fluid
Paw washer comes apart easily to be cleaned with minimal fuss
Nodules inside the pet paw washer gently clean your dogs paws one at a time
internal construction of the pet paw washer
how to use the pet paw washer
Pet paw washer for small or large dog breeds. Select the perfect size for your dog



  • Easily clean your dogs paws after a muddy walk. 
  • Disassembles for cleaning