Finn the whippet wearing Ochre Fleece Jumper
Smokey the 2 year old whippet wearing his sleeveless whippet pyjama fleece with snood
Harold - greyhound pyjamas - dressing gown in navy
light blue fleece whippet, greyhound, iggy, italian greyhound, lurch jumper, sweater, pjs, pyjamas
greyhound fleece jumper for the trendy whippet
sighthound fleece sweater / jumber/ pullover /PJs in beige polar fleece
greyhound snook sweater fleece jumper
Italian Greyhound Whippet Iggy fleece PJ's for bed or just around the house as a kennel coat
PJ's for whippets and greyhound or even italian greyhounds. Select your size and colour to suit
whippet, greyhound, iggy, house/kennel coat fleece sweater yellow
whippet fleece Pyjamas in a choice of colours and with a snood collar
Sighthound fleece pulloever idea on walks
Navy blue fleece whippet - greyhound pyjamas without legs
whippet fleece jacket colour swatch. the trendy whippet

Sighthound Sleeveless Fleece Sweater / Pullover / Jumper / Pyjamas

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Fleece House Coat for Greyhound/Whippets only (hand-made to order!) Perfect pyjamas

  • Is your greyhound, whippet or iggy feeling the cold at night?

  • Does he need a little extra protection on a cold morning walk?

  • Will he only wear super comfy fleece PJ's like his mum?

  • Does he have a particular favourite colour?

  • Are you looking for an extra layer underneath his regular rain coat?

  • What about something warm but easy to wash?

  • Does your dog love his wardrobe a little too much?

Then this could be the ideal, hand-made garment for your next purchase! Your dog will love you for this warm, snugly, polar fleece, sleeveless pullover. This sighthound fleece offers extra warmth with the snood collar. 

Beautiful & stylish jumpers for your furry friends who like to be warm and cosy during those cold winter days and nights. 

These lovely whippet/greyhound jumpers/pyjamas are made in various colours (see below):


Below is a sample of colours available. Please note these are subject to change from time to time. The current list of available colours can be seen on the swatches when making your choices at the top of the page. 


These sighthound jumpers are made with a thick warm polar fleece, and would make a great addition to your hounds collection and can be used on it’s own or as a extra layer underneath a coat. A Harness can be worn over the top of the garment if required on walks (see pictures).

This is a custom, hand-made garment made just for you to your specifications. 

This is why we must insist you provide all measurements when placing your order. We do NOT accept returns on this item if you measure your dog incorrectly. Returns are only accepted if there is a fault with the product or the wrong size/colour is sent. 

Please allow a few days extra for delivery in the winter months when we get busy. This isn't an off-the-shelf greyhound/whippet fleece... it is a hand made item. Please read the guide below on how to correctly measure your dog and to avoid disappointment. 

Guide to the perfect fit for your Sighthound's Fleece Jumper

Note: this is designed specifically to fit a sighthound. Please do not order if your dog is not a greyhound or whippet (or similar shaped breed) to avoid disappointment. 

To place an order for this product we require the following three measurements (please take a moment to view the complete video above):

  1. BACK LENGTH (IN): With your dog standing measure from the nape of the neck along the spine to the tail. This is the size you will order and is how the price is calculated - It should closely match the SIZE you selected in the first box. 
  2. CHEST (IN): Measure all the way around the widest part of the chest using a flexible tape measure. 
  3. NECK (IN): Measure around the dogs neck at the point shown in the video above. 

These are the three measurements we need from you in order to make sure your coat is the perfect fit. Enter in the boxes above the add to card button at the top of the page. If you don't own a sighthound and supply these measurements anyway, the coat is unlikely to fit and can still not be returned. Only order if you own a greyhound, whippet or similar shaped sighthound breed.  

For the chest size measure around the widest part of the chest and in the list below chest the size is suitable for the length size. Below are some examples of fleece jumper sizes:

  • Italian Greyhound : 17”(43cm ) long with a chest size of 20”(52cm) and neck size of 14”(36cm)
  • Small Whippet : 20”(52cm) long with a chest size of 24”(61cm) and neck size of 16”(41cm)
  • Medium Whippet : 22”(56cm) long with a chest size of 26” 66cm) and neck size of 17”(43cm)
  • Large whippet : 24”(61cm) long with a chest size of 27”(69cm) and neck size of 18”(46cm)
  • XL Whippet : 26”(66cm) long with a chest size of 30”(76cm) and neck size of 18”(46cm)
  • Lurcher : 28”(71cm ) long with a chest size of 32”(82cm) and neck size of 19”(48cm)
  • Greyhound : 30”(76cm) long with a chest size of 33’(84cm) and neck size of 22”(56cm).

Models Used in this Listing
Harold on the sofa in Navy
Finn on the fleece blanket in Ochre
Smokey the 2yr old whippet