Does my Whippet / Greyhound Need a Coat, and Why?

Stylish Sighthound Coats for Warmth & Comfort

As a Sighthound owner, you're aware that your companion's unique body shape requires specialised attire, particularly when it comes to staying warm during the cold months. It's crucial that you provide your greyhound/whippet with coats that offer not only warmth and comfort but also a touch of style. Catering to these needs, DryDogs offers a splendid variety of Italian greyhound coats, whippet coats and greyhound clothing

Whether sighthound friend requires a tiny size or something more substantial, you'll find sighthound coats starting at a modest £13.50. DryDogs customers love the products and receive glowing reviews from buyers who value the thoughtful design and snug fit that keeps their greyhounds/whippets toasty warm and dry. 

Key Features

  • Vast selection of greyhound/Whippet coats designed for comfort and fit.
  • DryDogs showcases a range of stylish coats with favourable reviews highlighting their popularity.
  • Wide range of sizes and prices starting at an affordable £13.50.
  • Greyhound/whippet coats merge functionality with fashionable designs, ensuring your pet remains chic and snug.
  • Investment in a quality coat equates to caring for your sighthound's warmth during chilly weather.
  • Positive customer feedback, attests to the top-notch quality and fit of these dog coats. You can read all of our customer feedback (including pictures), at the the bottom of each product page. 
  • Can purchase all your other items from the same website, DryDogs offer a wide range of products: Toys, Bath Items, Collars, Harnesses and Leads, Travel Items etc. Our best selling escape-proof harness can be found in the collars and leads category. 

Escape proof greyhound and whippet harnesses

Understanding the Unique Needs of Sighthounds for Outdoor Wear

As a sighthound owner, you're already aware that the distinctive physiognomy of these elegant dogs demands specialised attire, especially when braving the elements. Recognising the essential characteristics of winter coats designed for greyhounds/whippets can transform your pet's outdoor experience from satisfactory to sublime. Our Felton Sighthound Coats are a good all round, stylish winter coat where as our Regna model is suitable for warmer weather. Both feature a zip-covered harness hole. 

Why Specialised whippet/greyhound Coats are Essential

The streamlined physique of a greyhound, while perfect for speed, lacks the natural insulation found in more robust breeds. To compensate, winter coats such as our Vetra Sighthound Coat or Ofira model, tailored for the slim silhouette of your greyhound are indispensable. Drydogs coats not only envelop your pet in cosiness but also provide critical protection against harsh weather, all while reflecting the sleek outline of these swift canines.

Identifying the Right Fit for Your Greyhound's Coat

Attaining the ideal fit for your Sighthound's winter coat is paramount. These elegant hounds range in size, and so do the adjustable coats destined for them. We have created three individual categories for your ease of browsing 

An effective approach is to use a simple measurement guide found on the DryDogs website focussing on the dog's back length to ascertain the perfect size, for a winter coat that is truly fit for greyhounds/ whippets and other sighthounds.

Finding the Perfect Greyhound/Whippet Coat for the British Weather

As an attentive Whippet/greyhound owner, you’re well aware that the ever-changing British climate calls for robust protection for your pet. Seeking out the ideal coat that offers both comfort and defence against the elements is key. Prepare to discover a range of waterproof coats and fleece coats, meticulously designed to combat the UK's unpredictable weather while making no compromises on style.

Waterproof Sighthound Coats:

At DryDogs we offer a range of waterproof coats for both summer and winter. The Regna is a nice thin-lined coat for warmer weather, while the following coats are more suited to cooler conditions when your sighthound would benefit from added warmth: Hi-Vis Vetra, Waxed Coats, Quilted Sighthound Coats.

Waterproof sighthounds coats come with essential features like Sherpa fleece lining, giving an extra layer of warmth on those damp and frigid days. 

Fleece Whippet/Greyhound Coats: 

We also offer a selection of fleeces for cooler conditions, when it isn't wet outside. Some of these are also suitable for around the house, and are especially valued at bed time: Sighthound Polo Double Fleece Coat (excellent for increased warmth), Lumberjack - Sighthound Fleece Coat with Faux Fur Lining (offers style and comfort with a black faux-fur, super soft and snuggly lining). Our best selling, ever popular Fleece Sighthound Base-Layer Coat with Underbelly and Snood offers a fleece coat that can be worn on its own or underneath most outdoor sighthound coats for additional warmth during walkies. The base-layers feature and underbelly section and a snood collar, they are available in several attractive colours. 


The true test of a perfect greyhound/whippet coat is its ability to blend seamlessly with the UK's varied climates whilst keeping your pet snug and cosy through all seasonal changes.

Greyhound Coats: Balancing Style with Function

As the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, it's time to think about keeping your greyhound snug and fashionable. Greyhound winter coats are not just about warmth; it's about finding a harmonious marriage of function and fashion, ensuring that your pet stays comfortable while looking great. These warm and stylish coats blend practicality with design, catering to your greyhound's active lifestyle without compromising on style.


Top-Notch Fabrics for Greyhound Comfort and Mobility

As you consider investing in a new coat for your greyhound, understanding the materials and features that enhance both comfort and mobility is crucial. Quality greyhound coats are designed with top-notch fabrics that address the unique requirements of the breed's slender frame. The attributes of a durable coat combine robust design with the softness needed for their delicate skin, ensuring their full range of movement remains uninhibited.

Features of a Durable and Comfortable Greyhound Coat

When it comes to the wellbeing of your greyhound/whippet, selecting a coat made from materials that offer longevity and cosiness is essential. The ideal textiles are those that are resilient to the elements yet gentle enough to avoid chafing or discomfort. A coat crafted from windproof material paired with a soft fleece lining embodies this blend perfectly, accommodating your pet's need for warmth during brisk walks.

Quality and customisation matter deeply when it comes to the comfort and mobility of your greyhound. Whether you opt for an off-the-peg solution with adjustable features or go the custom route, investment in a well-fitted, comfortable coat is an investment in your pet’s health and happiness. Choose wisely and your greyhound will thank you with boundless energy and enthusiasm, no matter the weather.

Greyhound Coats for All Seasons and Climates

During spring and autumn, lighter fleece jumpers become ideal as they provide sufficient warmth without overwhelming your greyhound. As temperatures drop, insulating layers become indispensable, and that’s when waterproof, fleece-lined coats come into play. These thoughtfully designed coats not only keep the dampness at bay but also ensure a cosy barrier against cold winds that are often part of the British winter.

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