Fleece onesie pyjamas for greyhounds and whippets. Rabbit design, matching cuffs
whippets and greyhound fleece coat onesiie pyjamas. Available in grey and pink with rabbit design
The Trendy Whippet - fleece onesie
Fleece whippet lurcher greyhound onesies in grey our pink with rabbits design. Ideal house coat.
whippet house coat. fleece dog coat with legs. Ideal Christmas present
whippet puppy fleece house coat pyjamas onesie
fleece pyjamas with two legs or four legs 4. Trendy whippets drydogs.co.uk
Sighthound Cosy Rabbit Onesie / Pyjamas
Pink rabbit fleece onesie, custom made
Sighthound Cosy Rabbit Onesie / Pyjamas

Sighthound Cosy Rabbit Onesie / Pyjamas

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Whippet Onesie, Greyhound Onesie

Hand made to order.

We all know our whippets and greyhounds can feel the cold more than the average dog. This is because of their low body fat and short fur. For this reason sighthounds can benefit greatly from wearing a fleece coat around the house, especially as the colder weather draws in. This all in one, fleece-garment is the perfect solution. 

Designed to keep your hound warm in grey or pink coloured with white rabbits polar fleece PJ's in 2 leg (at front) or 4 with long sleeves with cuffs and a polo neck as standard and is open underneath for toileting - to suit boys and girls. If you think you may struggle to get them on your dog then go for the 2-leg version for ease. 

Please Note. Measure your dog carefully to avoid disappointment. Please have a good read of the instructions on how to measure your dog below before ordering, and be aware that we can only accept...

Returns for refund ONLY on this item. 

(if you require a smaller or larger Onesie, return the original for a refund -minus P&P- and order the second online). 

Also available in a sleeveless version here or in a choice of plain fleece colours here

(sleeveless version available)


First, please take 60 seconds to view the short video above from start to finish. 

BACK: from the base of the neck to the base of the tail (see video guide)

CHEST: behind the front legs, around the deepest part of the chest (see video guide)

NECK: around the neck where the collar (see video guide)

After taking the measurements, compare them to the size guide at the bottom of the page to make sure all measurements are in range for the size you are  purchasing. 

Please make sure you have measured accurately as we only accept returns for refunds on this item. 

Please don’t skimp on the size as you do need to be able to get them on.

Neck first, the front legs pull along the back to the back legs.

Again, measure carefully as Onesies will NOT suit all whippets & greyhounds.

If you think you may struggle to get them on your hound go for the model with just 2 legs for ease.

Italian greyhound size
Back: 41-44 cm (16 inches)
Chest: 53-60 cm (21-24 inches)
Neck: 24-27 cm (10-11 inches)
Spine to cuff: 32cm ( 12.5 inches )

Italian greyhound- Small whippet
Back: 44-46 cm (17-18 inches)
Chest: 58-65 cm (23-26 inches)
Neck: 27-30 cm (11-12 inches)
Spine to cuff: 34cm (13.5 inches)

Small whippet
Back: 46-48 cm (18-19 inches)
Chest: 56-62 cm (22-25 inches)
Neck: 30-33 cm (12-13 inches)
Spine to cuff: 46CM (18.5 inches)

Medium whippet
Back: 53-56 cm (21-22 inches)
Chest: 64-72 cm (25-28 inches)
Neck: 38-41 cm (15-16 inches)
Spine to cuff: 51cm (20 inches)

Large whippet
Back: 58 -60cm (23-24 inches)
Chest: 67-75 cm (26-30 inches)
Neck: 41-43 cm (16-17 inches)
Spine to cuff: 54cm (21.5 inches)

Lurcher - small greyhound
Back: 66-69 cm (26-27 inches)
Chest: 69-74 cm (27-29 inches)
Neck: 36-38 cm (14-15 inches)
Spine to cuff:62cm (24.5 inches )

Large greyhound
Back: 71-74 cm (28-29 inches)
Chest: 74-79 cm (29-31 inches)
Neck: 41-43 cm (16-17 inches)
Spine to cuff: 67cm (26.5 inches)

Back: 74-76 -79cm (29-30-31 inches)
Chest: 77-82- 85cm (30-32 inches)
Neck: 43-46- 48cm (17-18 inches)
Spine to cuff:68cm (27 inches)