best greyhound harness
orange harness on joey the whippet on the beach. dual attachment points for control
best harness for greyhound whippet lurchers saluki
ferris the whippet in an escape proof harness with 3 straps and control handle plus second chest control attachment
Sighthound Escape Proof Harness
Puppy whippet harness. Orange, escape-proof harness
Blue the whippet wearing green escape proof sighthound harness
puppy whippet harness escape proof sighthound harness with 3 straps
pair of whippets wearing orange dog harnesees
sighthound harnesses uk. full control harness with handles and multi point attachments
perfect fit whippet harness. orange green or red. three strap dog harness makes it anti escape
joey running on the beach with harley the border terrier
sighthound harness on top of a summer whippet coat
lurcher harness orange
escape proof greyhound harness red uk
3 strap whippet harness uk in green

Sighthound Escape Proof Harness

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Whippet / Greyhound / Lurcher Escape Proof Harnesses

These sighthound harnesses have the third strap that makes this harness almost impossible to escape from. They are highly adjustable and available in four sizes. Please measure your dog before ordering and compare your dogs sizes to the table at the bottom to assure a good fit. 

lurcher whippet greyhound harnesses. Our best selling sighthound dog harness.

All colours have reflective detailing for safely and two lead connection points.

The ring on the chest is used by some trainers who are trying to teach dogs to stop pulling on the lead. The chest clip allows a lot of control over the dog and allows them to be easily moved to face the owner or trainer if need be. 

The close-up control handle can be used to help your dog over smaller obstacles on those extra challenging adventures. 

5 month old whippet puppy wearing our escape proof green sighthound harness


Features of our multi-point lead attachment sighthound harness


whippet puppy harness to large sighthound harness - details
features - mesh greyhound harness - also for whippets and saluki - details
available in three colours with reflective for safety - whippet harness
puppy wearing our green escape proof harness

How to measure my Greyhound, Whippet or Lurcher for a Harness (size guide)

how to measure my greyhound whippet or lurcher for a harness

There is a lot of adjustment with these harnesses. As a guide for a whippet we recommend size MEDIUM, for a GREYHOUND size large.